Natural Toothpaste

Your source for toothpaste, with all natural ingredients, that naturally whitens your teeth, helps to re-mineralize your teeth, and contains the natural antibacterial qualities of coconut oil.

Naturals By Sarah Toothpaste was created to help solve the dental problems some of us have, without the use of harmful chemicals that are in store bought toothpaste.

My toothpaste is completely edible and good for you, but I do not suggest eating it, because it is very gritty.  You just need to get past the texture, and realize that this is cleaning your teeth more thoroughly.

With the dangers of fluoride become more prevalent, I wanted to share with you this product for your whole family.


Coconut Oil:  Natural organic cold pressed coconut oil helps to rid your mouth, teeth and gums of bacteria as it gently cleanses and restores your gums to better health.

Food Grade Diamotatious Earth:  This is an off white powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton, which is almost pure silica.  This natural substance is instrumental in re-mineralizing your teeth and has been shown to aid in the healing of cavities naturally.  Google has plenty of information regarding this subject.

Baking Soda:  Cleans and whitens your teeth. We only use “aluminum free” baking soda such as Arm & Hammer.

Organic Peppermint Oil: There are many health benefits regarding the use of organic peppermint oil. I have added it to my toothpaste for flavor.

The taste and texture takes a bit of getting used to, as we are all familiar with the creamy tasty store bought toothpaste that is a chemical soup of toxins added to make it taste good.  Naturals By Sarah Toothpaste is a healthy alternative to the fluoride laden toxic toothpaste on the markets today.  It’s nice to know you are putting something healthy into your mouth to brush your teeth with.  Something that will naturally contribute to healthier teeth and gums.

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